What’s New?


Just about everything! From Graphic Design core curriculum (last two years) to the recently (May 2012) Graphic Design Certificate program at GCC has been updated or totally recreated to meet current industry standards.

If you have taken Graphic Design classes at GCC before, you will recognize some of the same faces and several new ones. Some of the biggest changes have been to core Graphic Design courses Art 134, Art 135, Art 136 and Art 137. This update is to let you know some of the details of exactly what has been happening in our Graphic Design program.

Quick Update on changes to the core curriculum:

Art 134 was formerly Graphic Design 1 is now Graphic Design Foundations (see new course description in schedule) All of the basic design skills such as typography and page composition are stressed within the context of historical and contemporary Graphic Design and Graphic Designers. (*Former students see note below)

Art 135 formerly Graphic Design 2, now Graphic Design Layout Software (see new course description in schedule). This class is now dedicated to learning the essential tools used within the Graphic Design industry. A response to student request (“We want an InDesign Class!”) and pouring through two years of job postings to see what employers are seeking, Art 135 is perfect for newbies and the returning professional seeking to upgrade their technical skills. This class is creating a real buzz for all of the right reasons:-) (*Former students see note below)

Art 136 formerly Graphic Design 3 is now Graphic Design Identity and Logo Design (see new course description in schedule). This course is now customized to create Identity and logo design through the application of Graphic Design principles. Research showed that employers and transfer institutions are expecting to see examples of Identity / Logo systems within a Graphic Design portfolio. In Art 136 emphasis is placed on the applied use of typography and classic design principles. Not just theory, and not just technical, this class is truly applied design. (*Former students see note below)

Art 137 formerly Graphic Design 4 is now Graphic Design Portfolio (see new course description in schedule). Art 137 is for the GCC student who has completed the majority of courses in the NEW Graphic Design Certificate (formerly the Advertising Art Certificate) and needs or organize their portfolio to seek employment and or transfer to continue their studies in Graphic Design.
Art 137 is ALSO for the Graphic Design professional that needs to organize their existing portfolio pieces using current presentation techniques. This course is for students who have existing work. (*Former students see note below)

*For those of you are familiar with the previous versions of Art 134, 135, 136, and 137 please take note:
Art 134, 135, 136, and 137 are no longer repeat courses with increasing difficulty. Art 134, 135, 136, and 137 are now distinct separate classes with strong enrollment, separate curriculum, and all of these new courses have the goal of producing separate distinct portfolio level projects. They are also not taught at the same time in the same classroom anymore.

All of these changes have happened over the last two years, and have proven to make a real difference in the level of work produced at GCC. The improvements are in evidence by dramatic increases in transfer to schools such as Art Center College of Design (five years ago 2 students transferred to ACCD during an academic year, this last year 14 students transferred during the same time period). Also, students have gone on to find placement at companies such as Warner Brothers.

I am extrememly excited about the future of Graphic Design here at Glendale Community College and look forward the vital learning environment that our students bring to our campus.

Rebecca Hillquist
Chair of Graphic Design
Glendale Community College
Glendale California