Open Seats in Graphic Design @ GCC! 2/12/14

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List of classes that have open seats still available as of February 12, 2014:

ART 132 – 3.00 – TYPOGRAPHY I

Description: Art 132 is an introduction to basic composition and principles of typography. The course includes a survey of type from its origins to current technology and an introduction to typographic nomenclature and type specification. Using hand skills and the Macintosh computer, projects focus on typographic design, resonance and composition. Students develop skills regarding visually interesting letter forms and their uses in typographic design. Critiques of final art projects focus on appropriate solutions, visual interest, and craftsmanship. Transfer Credit: CSU
Prerequisite: ART 130 or equivalent.
Ticket Type Days Hours Room Instructor Note Books
4004 LEC TTH 01:40pm-02:40pm HS119 HILLQUIST , REBECCA - View
ST TTH 02:40pm-03:45pm HS119 HILLQUIST , REBECCA - -


Description: Art 133 is a beginning level digital illustration course. Students explore illustration style, problem solving, and the creative use of Adobe Illustrator on the Macintosh computer. Students create projects using course information. The course covers various problem-solving methods, appropriate solutions for spot illustrations, and basic Illustrator tools: palettes, creating and converting anchor points, creating and reshaping paths, basic coloring, gradients, layers, and creating, styling, and editing type.
Recommended preparation: ART 130 or equivalent.
Ticket Type Days Hours Room Instructor Note Books
2795 LEC TTH 06:55pm-07:55pm HS119 HILLQUIST , REBECCA - View
ST TTH 07:55pm-09:00pm HS119 HILLQUIST , REBECCA - -


Description: Art 135 focuses on the principles of graphic design using the computer to create layouts that would be used in print media. Emphasis is placed on industry standard software such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress on the Macintosh platform. Students integrate typography and graphics to create a variety of projects that explore the technical and aesthetic nature of graphic design. The creation of portfolio level work is stressed throughout the course. Verbal and visual presentation skills necessary to communicate with future clients are emphasized. Critiques focus on appropriate solutions, visual interest and craftsmanship. Transfer Credit: CSU
Recommended preparation: ART 134 or equivalent.
Ticket Type Days Hours Room Instructor Note Books
2485 LEC TTH 01:40pm-02:40pm HS120 MAIDEN , DANA - View
ST TTH 02:40pm-03:45pm HS120 MAIDEN , DANA - -
2797 LEC MW 06:55pm-07:55pm HS120 ROSENBLOOM-TANAKA , BONNIE - View
ST MW 07:55pm-09:00pm HS120 ROSENBLOOM-TANAKA , BONNIE - -

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A few suggestions:

1. Don’t miss a single class meeting, especially week 1 when there are so many students looking for empty seats. If you leave an empty space there is a very good possibility someone will take your place.

2. Stay in contact with your instructor throughout the entire length of the course. Show up the first day and make sure that you have a least two ways of contacting your instructor (email, telephone extension, Moodle, and or on campus mail box).

3. Know the expectations for the course. The course syllabus, Moodle (not a male poodle:-), it’s the online system that some instructors use to stay in touch with their students), or ask in class (best).

4. Feeling overwhelmed? Speak to your instructor. They have a wealth of experience, and they will have suggestions to get you on solid footing.  If they don’t have the entire answer, they can put you in touch with resources on campus to facilitate a positive learning experience.

5. When is the Final Examinations? Know from day One when your Final Examination will be,