Good Reads


Books, not just for designing, also good for reading, and if you are going to read, why not read more about design.

Recent Find (Not yet in the library):

The Politics of Design
Review by James Cartwright for the AIGA website:
“Just reading this sentence makes you part of the 85% of the world population that is literate and the 20% that understands English,” he continues. ”You’ve spent around $15 on this book, which is a price only 20% of people (those earning more than $10 a day) can afford. If you are reading the electronic version, you are among the 40% who have access to the internet. If you bought this book, you probably have a higher education which is only available to a privileged few.”

If you enjoy reading between classes or anytime you are here on campus…

Check out some of the Graphic Design books recently added to our library’s collection:

Merz to Emigre and Beyond: Avant-Garde Magazine Design of the Twentieth Century, by Steven Heller 741.650904

Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century, by Claire Zimmerman 720.108  Z72p

Anime: A History, by Jonathan Clements 777.7 C626A

Perverse Optimist, by Tibor Kalman 741.6092 T554

American Signs: Form and Meaning on Route 66, by Lisa Mahar-Keplinger

Design Writing Research, by Abbott Miller 741.6 1966D

Graphic Design, by Milton Glaser (Not sure on the Call Number but this is a great book worth taking the time to look up)

Barn brook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook, by Johnathan Barnbrook  741.6092 B259b

Graphic Design in America: Visual Language History 741.60973

Pioneers of Modern Typography, by Herbert Spencer  741.6 S745p 2004


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