Graphic Design Supplemental Programs

In addition to Graphic Design courses here at GCC there are other areas of study that will enhance your overall skill set. I have included links to the Web sites for the Photography, Media Arts, and Animation programs as a resource for your studies here at GCC.

GCC Photography

The GCC Photography program is designed to prepare students for a professional photographic practice. Our students pursue careers in a wide range of photographic practices, from commercial and fine art to documentary and event photography. Many practicing photographers attend classes to refine and update their skills. Some students seek employment as photo assistants or in digital retouching. Courses are designed to encourage students to pursue individual projects while developing their technical ability. The Photography Certificate can be completed in two years and students may begin in Spring or Fall terms. Students in the degree and certificate programs students are required to learn both traditional and digital photography techniques.


Media Arts

The Media Arts Program offers certification and training, including hands-on experience in digital video production, digital audio recording and editing, DVD authoring, and digital post-production. Other courses include the Adobe CS6 suite, particularly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.


Welcome to the home of The Glendale College Animation Department. We have expanded our curriculum and now offer 6 skill sets. We are training students for work in visual effects, feature animation, and video game industries.

Certificate Programs:
Animation Certificate

Studio Arts
The Studio Art Department’s primary mission is to prepare students for successful transfer to four-year art colleges and universities by building skills and teaching professional studio practices.


Computer Science Information Systems

For further information, please contact the Business Division, San Rafael 311, (818) 240 1000 x5848.

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