Student Sample Projects / Art 133

This section will be expanding as Instructors contribute work from Spring 14.

Description: Art 133 is a beginning level digital illustration course. Students explore illustration style, problem solving, and the creative use of Adobe Illustrator on the Macintosh computer. Students create projects using course information. The course covers various problem-solving methods, appropriate solutions for spot illustrations, and basic Illustrator tools: palettes, creating and converting anchor points, creating and reshaping paths, basic coloring, gradients, layers, and creating, styling, and editing type.
Recommended preparation: ART 130 or equivalent.

The Mona Lisa Project:
Using Adobe Illustrator and only the basic shape tool (without lens flare, pathfinder, or shape building tool) recreate and update the Mona Lisa.

The Architectural Rendering Project:
Using the Pen Tool, Gradient, Gradient Mesh, and Transparency, create an architectural rendering of a building on the GCC campus (entire building, building detail, building interior, or building exterior).

Self Portrait Project:
This project is based on the Cubist painting “Jacque Nayral”  by Albert Gleizes.
Place yourself in the painting but maintain the colors, composition and overall cubist style. Tools emphasized include the Pen Tool, Color Swatches, and Live Paint technique.

Fillmore Poster Project:
Based on the Fillmore Poster Style create a design with 100% Adobe Illustrator original hand drawn typography and illustration. Start with traditional sketching to work out the general composition, typography, and other illustrative content. Tools emphasized: Pen Tool, Pen Tool and more Pen Tool.


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